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Just look at all of their faces individually..
I can’t even

Just look at all of their faces individually..

I can’t even

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Why in the world can’t we get things like this on iCarly? Why? This part of the episode was great because it really laid a lot out on the table in regards to the whole bori/bade thing. Sure, it didn’t answer all the questions, but it was certainly a step in the eventual right direction for Bade.

This is one of the things that’s really missing from iCarly, which is frankly pretty disheartening when you realize that there are only 5 episodes left before the show is over…forever. Victorious acknowledges Beck and Jade’s relationship and subsequent break-up and pretty much has since day it happened. iCarly however, typically doesn’t acknowledge any relationship and so we’re left a lot of the time really confused as to where the characters actually stand on their relationships and on what they’re thinking.

As a shipper, it’s really frustrating.

I think the sort of clarity shown here would be especially great right now for seddie because the direction of their relationship since their break up has been really bizzare and at times hard to make sense of. 

They broke-up and things were a little bit awkward in iQ. They weren’t bickering/fighting like their old selves. They were just sort of…there. Then from iQ things started to look up and they basically seemed attached at the hip. They were super close and it was really great. Then after iG1D, everything changed and things just started getting really weird. We started getting Freddie’s hitting on iCarly in iOAR and rudness towards Sam for no reason in iPS. We started getting those awkward moments, like the one in iHalfoween at the Groovy Smoothie. We started seeing a really noticeable change in Freddie’s behavior (especially towards Sam). 

Something shifted in their relationship at the start of this season and it would be great if we could just get some sort of verbal clarification about why and about whats going on. More than anything at this point, I just want clarification of Sam/Freddie’s feelings. I just want them to talk and to have a moment where they lay everything out there (or maybe not everything, but at least SOMETHING).

That’s what seddie is missing. Talking. Really talking. The same thing that was missing in their relationship. Talking. They dived headfirst into a relationship and then (after one good moment of FINALLY talking about thing) pulled out just as quickly and then acted like nothing happened…only really mentioning their relationship ONCE after it ended. 

At this point, I think all I really hope for is some talking…and a Freddie who makes it clear he still cares about Sam. That’s all I really want. I don’t need them getting back together. I just need them to talk and to make it clear that they (read: Freddie) still cares. 

Is that too much to ask, Dan? Sighhhh


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Victorious: silhouettes

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